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Image of living room with hard wood floors

Hardwood Floors Installation

Your floors see a lot of wear and tear over time. As part of any remodeling project, replacing your floors is one of the last things to take care of overall. We're a flooring contractor that can help install different materials for different rooms: stone and tile for kitchens and bathrooms, to wood and carpeting for living rooms and bedrooms. Or, you may choose to unify or upgrade your entire home with hardwood floors installation. With so many options, you'll want our experienced team here at Serenity Handyman Service to help you make the decision.


We also offer window installation and door installation. When it comes to replacing or remodeling, it's essential that these portals to your home are well-sealed and installed correctly. When done well, proper sealing traps warmth indoors when the days are cold and keeps the house cool when summer is heating up. Besides just temperature control, good sealing also keeps out inclement weather, insects, and contaminants in the air to maintain a healthy and clean atmosphere indoors.


Floors, doors, and windows are integral parts of your home that deserve the proper consideration when being installed. Trust the team here at Serenity Handyman Service in Daly City, CA, to get the job done right for you.

Hardwood Floors Installation: Welcome
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