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One of the fastest and easiest ways to give your home a refresh is with a fresh coat of paint. At Serenity Handyman Service, we're a professional painter that can help you transform any room in your home with a beautiful splash of color.


When choosing different shades for your house, it's essential to consider the type of mood you want to evoke. Busy and bustling areas like the kitchen and dining room do well with bright, bold colors to reflect the energy of what's happening within its walls, while a bedroom can benefit from muted, sleepier tones that summon peace and calm. Another thing to keep in mind is making sure that your choice of color doesn't clash with existing furniture pieces. We'll help you with all of these decisions and much more for your home.


We're also a drywall contractor that can repair or add to the walls of your home. If you start your painting project and realize that surfaces are damaged, or you decide to add a new divider, it's no problem to have our team perform the work before painting commences.


With skilled and knowledgeable professionals at the helm, your home's painting project in Daly City, CA, will be done in no time.

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