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Image of a plumber fixing a sink


It can be tough to get excellent service for all those odd jobs around the house you simply don't have time for. One task that you shouldn't put off is vital to the comfort of your home: your plumbing system. While minor symptoms of plumbing issues may seem insignificant at the time of discovery, when added up, they could result in a big problem that you'll need to take care of sooner rather than later.


There are a few signs that you could have a plumbing concern on your hands you can notice early on. If you only have one slow drain, it could be a simple clog. However, if multiple drains are slow, this could indicate a blocked sewer line that will require more than just a snake. Similarly, a slight increase in your water bill might not mean much - perhaps everyone is taking more showers, or you watered the lawn more often. But if the increase is notable and accompanied by other factors such as low water pressure, you could have a significant leak somewhere in your system that needs attention.


If your home ever needs attention for its plumbing system, call in a professional plumber through Serenity Handyman Service in Daly City, CA. We'll get to the bottom of the issue and help protect your home.

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